Calliope Author Readings offers lovers of literature a rare opportunity to hear great 20th century American authors interpreting their own works.

Calliope began in the 1960’s as a unique venture in the early days of literary recordings.  With little more at their disposal than a passion for books, optimism, and sheer nerve, three young entrepreneurs in Boston persuaded some of the most original voices of the era to participate by reading selections from their works.  The readings were  produced on 7” long-playing records to be sold in bookstores.

They were welcomed and highly praised.  “Superb,” critic John Ciardi of The Saturday Review called them.  The Chicago Daily News found each recording marked by “the unmistakable stamp of personal passion.”  Today the cultural and historical value of these recordings makes them an essential part of our heritage.

These unique recordings, from 14 to 24 minutes each, are now available to a brand-new audience, in the form of CDs and downloads.  The nine selections are on two CDs, which can be ordered separately or together, or as individual downloads.

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Use this link to see the New York Times article on 1.20.14 about Calliope Author Readings.


Hear the young voices of James Baldwin, Philip Roth, and John Updike.

Check out Joan Wickersham’s article on Calliope in The Boston Globe:  “Aside from their historical value, they are glorious to listen to.”

From AudioFile Magazine February 2014:
“What a treasure it is to have this collection of some of modern literature’s best authors reading some of their most renowned works for fans and future generations.”